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“Deeply Unsettling:” Popular YouTube Host Concerned Over Online Censorship

After one of his videos was removed from YouTube, economist and talk show host Glenn Loury had questions.

Glenn Loury is a professor at Brown University and a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. In addition, he hosts the Glenn Show on YouTube where he interviews several different thinkers, writers, etc.

However, one of Loury’s videos, an interview he performed with Mark Goldblatt, author of I Feel, Therefore I Am: The Triumph of Woke Subjectivism, was taken down from YouTube on the charges of violating the platform’s community guidelines. Loury and Goldblatt discussed the sensitive issue of transgenderism, and the latter’s opinion on the matter was deemed controversial enough to count as hate speech. In this video, Loury and his production assistant, Nikita Petrov, talk about online censorship, free speech, Substack as an alternative to Twitter/X, and how to properly regulate and identify speech that crosses the line.

“This is very eerie,” said Loury. “You put something up, you think you’re having a discussion that’s based on thoughtful engagement with a sensitive question, and then word comes that you’ve been warned that you’ve violated community standards….you’re left to guess what the censors aren’t liking. That’s very Orwellian.” (RELATED: A Warning From the Unpublished Preface to Orwell’s Animal Farm | Mind Matters)

Loury noted that he doesn’t share Goldblatt’s opinions, but that it’s important to be able to debate different views freely. You can watch the conversation on censorship and free speech below:

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“Deeply Unsettling:” Popular YouTube Host Concerned Over Online Censorship