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The Tower of Babel
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“The Bigger the Toy, the Smarter You Ought to Be to Use It”

With great technological power comes great moral responsibility, said Peterson

The Canadian clinical psychologist and YouTube lecturer Jordan B. Peterson, who ascended to international fame upon the publication of his book 12 Rules for Life, has shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence, and has been speaking on the subject in his interviews with greater regularity. Here’s a short clip (ten minutes long) of Peterson lining out some of the ethical challenges with AI:

“We’re primitive children on the ethical front with the tools of gods,” Peterson said, noting how in the last few decades, technological and scientific progress has far outpaced humanity’s ethical maturity. For Peterson, the more sophisticated and powerful the technology, the greater need there is for virtue, self-control, and good will in order to handle these tools appropriately (and before they handle us). Referencing the famous depth psychologist Carl Jung, Peterson commented that it’s “necessary” to have an ethical code commensurate with technological power.

However, the balance is skewed, and the gap isn’t shortening by any means.

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“The Bigger the Toy, the Smarter You Ought to Be to Use It”