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Marks Interviewed for a Fortune Article

The engineering professor and Mind Matters podcast host said we need to play down the AI hype

The insightful contributions of Walter Bradley Center’s Robert J. Marks continue to gain traction and attention. Marks was interviewed by Fortune magazine on artificial intelligence and its current hype. Marks told Fortune that we’re currently on a “hype curve,” saying:

“We’ve always had this hype around A.I.,” Marks told Fortune, referencing the Perceptron. The professor said part of the reason investors and consumers are so caught up in the trend is generative A.I.’s ability to replicate humans. “There’s a lot of psychological aspects to the hype around artificial intelligence,” he noted.

Systems like ChatGPT and Bard’s use “seductive optics” and eerie mimicry to appear more intelligent than they really are, said Marks, who is also director of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence and has written multiple books on A.I.

-Will Daniel, A.I. hype could signal the start of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’—or it could be investor ‘FOMO’ warping the market with trillions at stake (yahoo.com)

The article also noted that Marks thinks AI has the potential to make our lives easier in many ways as it’s increasingly incorporated into society.

Read the full article here for a closer look. For further reading:

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Marks Interviewed for a Fortune Article