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Robert Marks on ChatGPT and Digital Plagiarism

We will have to adapt, Marks said

Dr. Robert J. Marks, director of the Walter Bradley Center and author of the terrific book Non-Computable You: What You Do That Artificial Intelligence Never Will, was a spokesman on a recent panel of journalists at NTD.

Host Cindy Drukier posed the question of ChatGPT‘s significance and how it will affect our society, particularly the sphere of education. Marks said that ChatGPT will have to be “folded into our society,” and that we will have to learn to adapt to it like we did with other technologies such as television and electricity. He went on to talk about how some AI-generated images are now “watermarked,” and that the legal issue of copyright is formidable. You can watch the brief clip of Dr. Marks addressing the online panel below:

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Robert Marks on ChatGPT and Digital Plagiarism