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Is This the End of Twitter?

The social media giant has been struggling on multiple fronts since Musk's takeover

Twitter isn’t in such great shape at the moment. In fact, rumors of bankruptcy loom over the company as financial woes continue to mount, and solutions seem few and far between. Dave Karpf is a professor of “internet politics” at George Washington University and wrote an article describing Twitter’s current predicament. He writes,

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk said that ad revenues had fallen 50%. The site has experienced major outages at a higher rate than usual. During one such outage, Elon was laser-focused on the important stuff: reply-guying Jordan Peterson. The Twitter Blue rollout was such a disaster that he fired almost the entire team. Yesterday, he appeared to backtrack on his big plan to revoke legacy checkmarks. Twitter hasn’t been paying rent on its office space. It recently tried to create a new income stream by selling office plants to employees.

-Dave Karpf, How Much Longer Can Twitter Last, Really? – Every

Apart from that, accounts are still being suspended for violating Twitter’s policies. One reason Musk endeavored to buy Twitter was to remedy its flagrant complicity in censorship and “shadow banning,” particularly for accounts of conservative persuasions. Now, it’s clear that he has failed to sufficiently deal with the issue. Sean Davis is CEO and co-founder of the conservative outlet The Federalist and explained how his account was disabled after he tweeted about the tragic shooting last week at a small Christian elementary school in Nashville, TN. He writes,

Twitter is toast, and the sad truth of the matter is that Musk either can’t, or won’t, fix it. Musk may never get his $44 billion back, but until Twitter repents and stops producing rotten fruit, conservatives should keep their $8 in their pockets. At some point, instead of hoping the poison vine will produce fine wine, you just have to acknowledge reality and let it die.

-Sean Davis, Twitter Cannot Be Saved. It’s Time To Let It Die (thefederalist.com)

Americans all along the political spectrum now have their qualms with the big blue bird, and its future appears shaky at best.

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Is This the End of Twitter?