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At COSM 2022, Blake Lemoine Faces Computer Engineers

… not talk show hosts… about his claim that chatbot LaMDA is a real person. Venture capitalist Matt McIlwain hosts the panel

Matt McIlwain, managing director of Madrona Venture Group a venture capital consortium, will be moderating a most interesting panel at COSM 2022: It includes ex-Googler Blake Lemoine — yes, he’s the one who started the global uproar around that Google chatbot LaMDA, which he claims is a real person.

Google HQ didn’t agree which is why he no longer works there. But is that because it is not true or because it is not popular? What Lemoine believes is still definitely out there.

The main point: On McIlwain’s panel, Lemoine will be facing off against Baylor University pioneer in swarm intelligence Robert J. Marks and with George Montañez, an up-and-coming machine learning pro at Harvey Mudd College. Can he convince them? They know what questions to ask…

To see how that plays out, register now for COSM 2022, Nov. 9-11 in Seattle.

McIlwain’s company is the Pacific Northwest’s leading venture capital firm, investing primarily in seed and early-stage cloud software companies. Earlier this year, he spoke at the Montgomery (virtual) Summit on the current state of software investing, especially relative to cloud-native companies:

This month, McIlwain and Madrona hit the news by raising a record $690 million to partner with innovative founders and their companies to continue to build the Pacific Northwest’s new tech business ecosystem:

Are you in software in the Pacific Northwest? Then come to COSM 2022 to meet n’ greet.

You can register using this link. The conference is at the beautiful Bellevue Hyatt.

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At COSM 2022, Blake Lemoine Faces Computer Engineers