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How Do We Know What Is Real? Philosopher J. P. Moreland Can Help


This coming August will mark the beginning of a battle that I began with three different forms of cancer that I continue to this day to be fighting. I don’t know how long I have…

When is it okay to disagree with what the majority of experts in a field believe? … I’m going to go with the majority of experts, unless something happens.

If there are two conditions present, you are justified in going against the vast majority of experts.

Number 1: If the majority opinion is based on non-rational factors

If there is a small, educated rebel group who publish in peer-reviewed journals and high quality books who have provided an alternative paradigm. (July 9, 2018)

Remember Moreland’s advice when you are told that your own consciousness is an illusion because one thousand profs say so.

Note: J.P. Moreland is an evangelical Christian and some readers might have many questions about some of his views. But he also talks honestly about his struggles with depression.

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How Do We Know What Is Real? Philosopher J. P. Moreland Can Help