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Another New Communications Network Discovered in the Human Brain

Our brains are smarter than we thought

We keep discovering new things about the brain:

Neuronal oscillations are an essential part of the functioning of the human brain. They regulate the communication between neural networks and the processing of information carried out by the brain by pacing neuronal groups and synchronising brain regions.

High-frequency oscillations with frequencies over 100 Hertz are known to indicate the activity of small neuronal populations. However, up to now, they have been considered to be exclusively a local phenomenon.

The findings of the European research project demonstrate that also high-frequency oscillations over 100 Hertz synchronize across several brain regions. This important finding reveals that strictly-timed communication between brain regions can be achieved by high-frequency oscillations.

University of Helsinki, “A new means of neuronal communication discovered in the human brain” at ScienceDaily The paper is open access.

Our brains are smarter than we thought. This sort of finding may help us better understand brain diseases.

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Another New Communications Network Discovered in the Human Brain