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Gary Smith: The AI Delusion

“When I Nod My Head, Hit It!” And Other Commands that Confuse AI.
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Pablo Picasso said “Computers Are Useless. They Can Only Give You Answers.”  Picasso didn’t go far enough. The answers that computers give must themselves be questioned. This is especially true of AI. Questioning AI is the topic today on Mind Matters.

Show Notes

  • 01:27 | Introduction to Gary Smith
  • 02:40 | The AI Delusion
  • 04:50 | Stocks and Data
  • 07:00 | Presidential campaigns and data analytics
  • 10:42 | Bill Clinton and neural networks
  • 11:20 | IBM Watson and Jeopardy
  • 13:20 | Winograd Challenge
  • 14:55 | Bob Dylan and IBM Watson
  • 17:10 | Understanding words

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Gary Smith: The AI Delusion