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Bernardo Kastrup on Panpsychism and Cosmopsychism

How do we know what happens around us? Is the whole universe conscious? Dr. Michael Egnor and Dr. Bernardo Kastrup discuss panpsychism, cosmopsychism, and conciousness.

Show Notes

  • 00:35 | Introducing Dr. Bernardo Kastrup
  • 01:29 | Panpsychism and cosmopsychism
  • 02:42 | Using your senses to convey information to the mind
  • 04:24 | Communicating feelings
  • 05:33 | Differentiating complex internal states from simple ones
  • 06:44 | A definition of consciousness
  • 07:40 | Refuting panpsychism
  • 12:06 | How is cosmopsychism different from panpsychism?
  • 14:40 | The solution to the decomposition problem

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Bernardo Kastrup on Panpsychism and Cosmopsychism