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Black silhouettes of people looking through telescope on big red moon in dark twilight on shore.

Does the Moon Exist if No One is Looking at It?


Is our physical reality purely subjective or is it objective? Why has materialim been around for so long? Do we have free will? Dr. Michael Egnor and Dr. Bernardo Kastrup discuss physics, idealism, materialism, and free will.

Show Notes

  • 00:28 | Introducing Dr. Bernardo Kastrup
  • 01:22 | How quantum mechanics points to the mind
  • 02:40 | Does the moon exist if no one is looking at it?
  • 03:41 | Transpersonal mental states
  • 05:02 | Subjective idealism
  • 05:16 | Objective idealism
  • 05:36 | Bernardo Kastrup’s view of idealism
  • 06:23 | The longevity of materialism
  • 10:49 | Belief in God and metaphysical perspectives
  • 13:48 | Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways
  • 14:34 | Free will
  • 17:02 | Moral accountability

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Does the Moon Exist if No One is Looking at It?