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Dr. Thomas Furness and Applications of Augmented Reality

How is augmented reality different from virtual reality? What are the applications of augmented reality? Robert J. Marks and Dr. Thomas Furness discuss augmented reality, virtual reality, and peripheral vision.

Show Notes

  • 00:26 | Introducing Dr. Thomas Furness, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Washington
  • 01:20 | Virtual reality vs. augmented reality
  • 04:57 | Interacting with virtual images
  • 09:52 | AR Tool Kit / AR Toolworks
  • 12:10 | Feeling immersed in a picture
  • 18:07 | The range of peripheral vision
  • 21:43 | The future of virtual reality
  • 24:47 | The Virtual World Society

Additional Resources

Dr. Thomas Furness and Applications of Augmented Reality