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Hinduism and the Beginning of the Universe

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Does the universe have a beginning, or is it eternal? Are the creation stories found in Hinduism meant to be taken literally, or are their texts meant to be understood another way? Dr. Michael Egnor and Arjuna Gallagher discuss these issues and much more as they explore Hinduism’s understanding of the creation of the universe.

Show Notes

  • 00:05 | Introducing Arjuna Gallagher
  • 00:34 | Hinduism and the Creation of the Universe
  • 02:03 | Are Hindu creation stories meant to be taken literally or are they allegories?
  • 03:07 | Hinduism, Quantum Mechanics, and General Relativity
  • 07:28 | Hinduism and Plato’s Theory of Forms
  • 08:59 | Hinduism and Intelligent Design

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Hinduism and the Beginning of the Universe