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Bad News for Artificial General Intelligence

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The problem with complex systems is that a lot can go wrong. It turns out that the number of potential problems grows exponentially as you add more factors to a system. Justin Bui and Samuel Haug discuss contingencies and artificial general intelligence with Robert J. Marks.

Show Notes

  • 01:10 | Introducing Justin Bui and Sam Haug
  • 01:28 | Exponential Explosion of Contingencies
  • 08:20 | Avoiding Contingency Explosions
  • 08:43 | Domain Expertise
  • 13:09 | Standardization of the AI
  • 15:15 | Four Types of Knowns
  • 19:43 | Human Contingencies
  • 22:25 | Pareto Trade-Off
  • 24:41 | Doman Expertise and Forecasting

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Bad News for Artificial General Intelligence