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Artificial General Intelligence: The Modern Homunculus


A homunculus is a little person created in a test tube. There was a time when some of the most prominent scientists in the world believed they could create miniature life in the lab. But while the search for homunculus has long since ended, there are some who believe they can find a similar kind of life through artificial general intelligence.

Show Notes

  • 00:44 | The Homunculus
  • 03:21 | Introducing Justin Bui
  • 04:10 | AI Software
  • 06:04 | Fast AI
  • 12:58 | Deepfake Technology
  • 20:03 | Transfer Learning
  • 23:25 | Rapture of the Nerds
  • 28:59 | Little Faith in AGI

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Artificial General Intelligence: The Modern Homunculus