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COSM Speaker Peter Thiel: The Failures and “Self-Hatred” of Big Tech

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Listen to maverick entrepreneur Peter Thiel’s talk from last year’s COSM conference. Thiel discusses his views of artificial intelligence, Big Tech’s monopoly, China, and the future of technology with legendary tech guru George Gilder. You can register now to hear Peter Thiel and George Gilder at this year’s COSM conference in November.

Show Notes

  • 00:50 | Introducing Peter Thiel
  • 01:12 | Three Contrarian Ideas
  • 01:50 | The History of the Future
  • 04:53 | The First Contrarian Idea: AI is Communist
  • 06:10 | The Second Contrarian Idea: The Speed of Technology
  • 13:20 | The Third Contrarian Idea: Technology is about People
  • 14:55 | Bet on the Human Spirit
  • 15:22 | The Big Tech Monopoly
  • 19:18 | Improved Education
  • 27:21 | The Monopoly of Money
  • 32:24 | China’s Capabilities
  • 35:15 | Technology and the Human Condition

Additional Resources

  • COSM 2021: November 10-12 in Bellevue, WA 
  • Watch Peter Thiel’s talk on YouTube.

COSM Speaker Peter Thiel: The Failures and “Self-Hatred” of Big Tech