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Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves?

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What are the capacities of human-like robots? Will they ever replace humans? Dr. Geoffrey Simmons and Dr. Robert J. Marks discuss artificial intelligence, outer space, consciousness, and Dr. Simmons’ book Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves?: The Convergence of Designs.

Show Notes

  • 00:24 | Introducing Dr. Geoffrey Simmons
  • 02:07 | Are we here to re-create ourselves?
  • 04:11 | A purpose to our design
  • 05:41 | Ray Kurzweil and Singularity
  • 06:21 | Why write?
  • 07:40 | Sending robots to space
  • 10:05 | The possibility of robot therapists
  • 11:52 | Space brain
  • 12:49 | Perfecting artificial intelligence
  • 15:15 | Are animals conscious?

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Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves?