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Gee-Whiz Tech and AI Reality – Part I


Robert J. Marks talks with Larry L. Linenschmidt of the Hill Country Institute about the nature and limitations of artificial intelligence from a computer science perspective. This is Part 1 of 2 parts.

Other Larry L. Linenschmidt podcasts from the Hill Country Institute are available at HillCountryInstitute.org. We appreciate the permission of the Hill Country Institute to rebroadcast this podcast on Mind Matters.

Show Notes

  • 02:59 | Introducing Dr. Robert J. Marks II, Distinguished Professor at Baylor University
  • 05:21 | The gift of nerdhood
  • 06:30 | Nature as a source of creativity
  • 07:12 | STEM is not for everyone
  • 08:56 | Difficulties and opportunities in a university setting
  • 11:15 | About the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence
  • 15:43 | How do computers function?
  • 17:18 | Algorithms — recipes for computers
  • 18:50 | Some non-algorithmic human qualities
  • 20:07 | The Church-Turing Thesis and computing capability?
  • 21:12 | Quantum computing
  • 22:50 | What is artificial intelligence?
  • 24:50 | Neural networks and their relation to artificial intelligence

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Gee-Whiz Tech and AI Reality – Part I