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Appropriate Technology for the Developing World

The impact of artificial intelligence and new technologies on culturally diverse developing countries
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Will developing countries be positively impacted by AI and the newest technology? Not always, what is needed is appropriate technology. Today we explore the question, “What is appropriate technology?”

Show Notes

  • 01:22 | Brian Thomas introduction
  • 02:00 | How can technology be appropriate or inappropriate for a developing country?
  • 03:34 | Non-profit and the cultural difference of washing clothes in Sudan
  • 06:15 | Fatalism and the likelihood of making repairs
  • 07:15 | Difference flavors and history of appropriate technology
  • 08:55 | Martin Fischer from Kickstarter on the appropriation of technology
  • 10:35 | Sustainable technology
  • 11:54 | Raising Tilapia, an example of economically sustainable technology
  • 15:30 | Closing comments and To Be Continued

Appropriate Technology for the Developing World