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What is Business Intelligence?

Discussing how Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Opera with Jeremiah Marks

Business intelligence affects you daily; from advertising and solicitation to how much you pay for tickets to watch the Dallas Cowboys. Jeremiah Marks talks about what business intelligence is and how it changes the way we approach our customers.

Show Notes

  • 01:26 | Introducing Jeremiah Marks
  • 02:00 | Opera Philadelphia
  • 03:25 | Jeremiah Marks describes business intelligence
  • 05:20 | Business intelligence packages
  • 06:30 | Privacy, large databases, and business intelligence
  • 08:45 | Visualizing big data
  • 10:10 | “C-suite” and business intelligence
  • 10:50 | Is business intelligence just a tool?
  • 11:20 | How does business intelligence affect the consumer?
  • 12:20 | Business intelligence and corporate America
  • 13:05 | Auditable outputs; Explanation Facility

What is Business Intelligence?