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RATs in the Technology Lab

Dr. Thomas Furness started the RATLAB, which was designed to explore innovative ideas in technology. All the employees are RATs (Rocking and Thinking). Robert J. Marks and Dr. Thomas Furness discuss the uses of virtual reality and other exciting new ideas in technology.

Show Notes

  • 00:26 | Introducing Dr. Thomas Furness, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Washington
  • 01:00 | The RATLAB
  • 06:25 | Exercising in virtual reality
  • 09:45 | Prizes for achievements in technology
  • 11:22 | What can you learn about yourself from your pulse?
  • 19:38 | Measuring the light coming out of the eyes
  • 22:04 | Virtual cockpits for rescue helicopters
  • 23:30 | Setting up a HITLab in New Zealand

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RATs in the Technology Lab