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Sam Altman Out at OpenAI, Microsoft Picks Him Up

Will Microsoft become the prime leader in the AI movement, and what will be the future of OpenAI?

The CEO and founder of OpenAI, the tech company responsible for creating ChatGPT, was fired by the company’s board last week in a surprising turn of events. The former executive’s dramatic firing was followed by rumors of his potential rejoining OpenAI, but that’s a false hope. Microsoft hired Altman after his failed attempt to retake control of OpenAI over the weekend.

Altman will reportedly head up artificial intelligence efforts at Microsoft, according to CNN. Krystal Hur reports,

Microsoft stock reached a record high on Monday after the company said that Sam Altman, former chief executive of OpenAI, will join the company to head its artificial intelligence innovation leg.

Shares of the tech behemoth hit $377.10 on Monday morning before retreating slightly. The stock will need to close above $376.17 to notch an all-time high close.

Microsoft stock hits all-time high after hiring former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman | CNN Business

Microsoft’s value just went up big time after Altman’s hire. The AI leader has been at the center of the industry’s attention in the last year since the release of ChatGPT in November of 2022.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Altman was “shocked” that he was ousted at OpenAI. But, he also fostered a close connection with Microsoft during his time at OpenAI, so his transition to the tech giant doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. In addition, his departure has left quite a troubled wake at his former company. Berber Jin writes,

Within OpenAI, the situation remains tumultuous. Employees at OpenAI were in an uproar through the weekend and several researchers threatened to quit the company unless Altman returned, according to people familiar with the matter. The board chose Shear partly because of his willingness to navigate such a tricky situation with employees, a person familiar with the board’s thinking said.

Co-founder and board member Ilya Sutskever — who fired Altman on Friday — told employees about Shear’s appointment late Sunday night. Following the news, some OpenAI employees posted on X that they had quit.

Sam Altman to Join Microsoft Following OpenAI Ouster (msn.com)

Some have speculated that it’s possible that resurfaced abuse allegations from Sam Altman’s sister are perhaps responsible for his firing. Altman has not responded to those allegations.

Will Microsoft become the prime leader in the AI movement, and what will be the future of OpenAI? And what does the AI guru believe to be the limits of this new technology?

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Sam Altman Out at OpenAI, Microsoft Picks Him Up