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“The Chosen” Will Continue Despite Hollywood Strike

The show about the life of Jesus will get back to business

Despite the actors’ strike, which was announced last Thursday, “The Chosen” series applied for a waiver and was granted quick approval. The show, which details the historical account of Jesus Christ and his band of disciples in ancient Israel, will resume filming this week.

The news comes amid massive pushback against Hollywood. Actors, producers, and stunt-performers are joining the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and critiquing the movie industry for unfair wages and for failing to duly reckon with the threat of artificial intelligence (AI).

Many blockbuster TV franchises will shut down production, after already being majorly delayed from the initial WGA strike, which began in early May. The cast for “Oppenheimer” left the film’s London premiere early in apparent solidarity for the strike last Thursday.

It would seem that the cast of “The Chosen” wants to get back to work on filming, and provide their audience with yet another inspiring and beautiful season. It might be one of the few series producing new content.

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“The Chosen” Will Continue Despite Hollywood Strike