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We’re the Walter Bradley Center. But Who Is Walter Bradley?

A new biography, For a Greater Purpose, discusses Bradley’s life and legacy

Mind Matters News is published by the Walter Bradley Center for Natural & Artificial Intelligence. And a natural question is, who is this guy, Walter Bradley?

Find out in a new biography authored by design theorist William Dembski and myself, For a Greater Purpose. The Foreword is written by the extraordinary philosopher J. P. Moreland.

From the book, here’s what others are saying about Walter Bradley:

● “Walter Bradley is one of the most extraordinary men I have ever known. I am in awe of him.” —William Lane Craig, PhD, DTh, ReasonableFaith.org

● “One of the great blessings God has granted me in my life is the opportunity to have co-ministered with [Walter Bradley] among faculty and students on university campuses across the US and beyond.” — Hugh Ross, PhD, Reasons to Believe

● “Walter Bradley is one of the most remarkable Christian scholars I’ve ever known.” — Robert B. Sloan, DTh, president of Houston Baptist University and former president of Baylor University

● “Professor Walter Bradley fearlessly led the charge for faculty to unabashedly stand up for their faith on campuses.” — James M. Tour, PhD, Rice University

● “Walter Bradley woke me from my dogmatic slumber. . . . That change of mind permanently altered my career trajectory.” —Jay W. Richards, PhD, Catholic University

● “Walter is the most humble, smart, godly, initiative-taking, bold leader I know.” —John Burke, pastor of Gateway Church, author of Imagine Heaven.

● “Luminaries like Walter Bradley paved the way for me to dedicate my career to advancing design thinking in biology.” — Douglas Axe, PhD, Biola University

● “Walter was instrumental in helping me understand that my gifts and talents as an engineer could be used to serve the poor and marginalized.” —Professor Brian Thomas, Baylor University, Executive director of Justice and Mercy Energy Services (JAMES)

Read the book and you will find our why Walter Bradley is my hero. A great Christmas present—especially for students and all those who work in academia.

You may also enjoy: Walter Bradley— an engineer for the rest of us! He has impacted many, many lives and the world is a much better place because of him. Walter Bradley is not a household name, but in a fairer world he would be.

We’re the Walter Bradley Center. But Who Is Walter Bradley?