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John Lennox

John Lennox on AI: Downloading the Mind

Reducing the Mind to Bits
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The topic of Natural and Artificial Intelligence can be discussed from a number of viewpoints, including philosophically, technically and theologically. Our guest today, Dr. John Lennox, can address AI from all of these points of view. We’ll explore his multi-spectral perspective today on Mind Matters.

Show Notes

  • 01:00 | Introduction; Dr. John Lennox
  • 01:50 | Downloading Immortality
  • 03:44 | Non-algorithmic Afterlife
  • 05:00 | Roger Penrose & Humanism
  • 06:18 | God and The Force
  • 08:00 | Computers made of meat
  • 10:20 | God links intelligence and consciousness
  • 12:20 | To Be Continued

John Lennox on AI: Downloading the Mind