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power line NP background of the sunset, a lot of supports for wires
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EMPs. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Sarah Seguin and Robert J. Marks discuss what might happen if someone tried to attack the United States using an EMP. What kinds of groups might use EMPs for terrorism? Are steps being taken to protect the country’s power grid?

Show Notes

  • 00:13 | 1989 Solar Storm
  • 01:31 | HEMP Disruption
  • 04:34 | Introducing Sarah Seguin
  • 05:39 | The United States’ Vulnerability to EMPs
  • 10:01 | Protection against EMPs
  • 10:28 | The Physics of an EMP Attack
  • 12:45 | Terrorism
  • 14:52 | Infrastructure Improvements

Additional Resources

EMPs. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.