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Bitcoin and the Keys to Cryptocurrency Security

Will Fullerton returns to explain the workings of the cryptocurrency that started it all
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Everyone has heard the buzz about Bitcoin, but what is driving this mad dash and the volatile cryptocurrency markets? What are the mechanics of Bitcoin, of mining and trading it? How are transactions secured against tampering? Is it anonymous, and thereby shielded from the IRS? As Warren Buffet would have it, is it time to be fearful or greedy?

Show Notes

  • 01:45 | Blockchain opening up new sources of funding
  • 02:30 | Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper
  • 03:30 | The two components of Bitcoin: mining and trading
  • 05:30 | Why does Bitcoin work? How many people are sharing the ledger?
  • 05:45 | The difficulty or ease of buying and selling Bitcoin?
  • 06:55 | Places to learn how to trade: coinbase.com, poloniex.com, coindesk.combitfinance.com, bitcoin.org
  • 08:05 | Bitcoin wallets, public and private keys, and QR Codes
  • 09:25 | The profusion of cryptocurrencies since 2017
  • 09:50 | What determines the value of a cryptocurrency
  • 10:00 | ICO’s, Initial Coin Offerings
  • 10:50 | Can anyone start their own cryptocurrency?
  • 12:05 | The crypto-bust and Warren Buffet’s investment advice
  • 12:30 | Do cryptocurrencies make transactions untraceable?
  • 13:40 | How will the IRS tax capital gains captured via cryptocurrency?
  • 14:45 | Will Bitcoin itself begin submitting 1099’s to the IRS?
  • 15:20 | The use of technology for good and ill

Bitcoin and the Keys to Cryptocurrency Security