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Babak Parviz, Inventor of Google Glass, Returns to COSM 2021

Parviz will be addressing the question, “Is It the End for Silicon Valley?”

Last time he appeared at COSM, he contributed to a panel discussion on Information Theory of Biotech. Now, Dr. Babak Parviz is returning to COSM this November to address the question, “Is It the End for Silicon Valley?”

Parviz has an impressive history that spans engineering and health care issues, but he is perhaps most famous for his leadership in developing Google Glass. 

As described by the University of Michigan in 2014:

Google Glass is compact, lightweight, and while resting on your nose, will guide you to your destination, allow you to have phone conversations, take photos and video, get information, and share your experiences with others in unprecedented ways.

Glass is the first device that allows us to truly see the world through another person’s eyes. Last year, at a Glass demo in San Francisco, skydivers jumped from an airship parked above the Moscone Center while live-streaming video from their Google Glasses. Looking back at the demo, Babak says, “It was magical to experience the moment live, through that person’s eyes, at the very moment he was experiencing it.”

With Google Glass, computing has become not only portable, but wearable. Accomplishing this feat required some of the smallest and most advanced micro-optic, sensory and computing technology currently available. And it’s only getting smaller.

Parviz is currently the Vice President of Amazon.com, Inc. and affiliate professor at the University of Washington.

Here is a short video of Parviz discussing the origin and future of Google Glass in 2013 at Harvard University:

The “Is It the End for Silicon Valley?” panel will include Parviz, Tom Alberg, Walter Meyers III, and Bob Metcalfe. Register now to join these brilliant minds at COSM in Seattle November 10-12. The Early Adopter rate is available until September 15.

Caitlin Cory

Communications Coordinator, Discovery Institute
Caitlin Cory is the Communications Coordinator for Discovery Institute. She has previously written for Discovery on the topics of homelessness and mental illness, as well as on Big Tech and its impact on human freedom. Caitlin grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from Liberty University in 2017 with her Bachelor's in Politics and Policy, and now lives in Maryland with her husband.

Babak Parviz, Inventor of Google Glass, Returns to COSM 2021