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4: Egnor Now Tries To Find Out What Dillahunty Actually Knows…

About philosophical arguments for the existence of God, as he begins a rebuttal

Readers and viewers who have been following this debate, “Does God exist?” (September 17, 2021), between theist neurosurgeon Michael Egnor and atheist broadcaster Matt Dillahunty may recall that it opened with Egnor explaining why, as former atheist, he became a theist. Then Dillahunty explained why, as a former theist, he became an atheist. Michael Egnor then stated his case, offering ten proofs for the existence of God. Matt Dillahunty responded that they wre all unfalsifiable propositions. Now it is Egnor’s turn to rebut Dillahunty. The conversation was somewhat rambunctious and has been condensed for print: A partial transcript (beginning at 36:30) and notes follow: Michael Egnor: Well, first of all, you mentioned that you don’t defend the existence of leprechauns Read More ›