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Black man in bed suffering from insomnia and sleep disorder

Sci-fi Saturday: What If Sleep Were a Distant Memory?

In a world going mad and dying from insomnia, a young woman may have a cure

“Don’t Forget to Remember” at DUST by Tom Rotenberg (February 23, 2021, 14:50 min) “A young woman must traverse an alternate dimension in order to save the world from a fatal form of insomnia.” (A flashing lights warning is posted. One might add a language warning.) The big challenge in writing about insomnia is not to contribute to it. The harrowing opening scene of this film clears that bar. We are asked to picture a world in which all humans have gone eight months without sleep and will eventually die in consequence. The government rations sleeping pills but that can’t go on indefinitely. The woman who is chosen to save humanity is guided by the outwardly inaudible voices of those Read More ›