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Eric Holloway


What Humans Do That A.I. Can’t

AI can do many things faster and better than humans. It can beat humans in chess, outsmart us in Jeopardy, and defeat us at GO. The question remains. Is there anything a human can (and always will) do better than an AI? Show Notes 01:00 | Eric Holloway Introduction 01:57 | Fold It, a showdown between AI and amateurs 03:40 | Jay Read More ›


Non-Algorithmic Mind

The distinctiveness of human creativity and consciousness with Eric Holloway

What is an algorithm and could a computer ever perform a non-algorithmic task? Computers are getting faster, algorithms are getting more complex, and our computing power is growing. With all these advancements, are there limitations that computers can never overcome? Show Notes 01:22 | Roger Penrose – The Emperor’s New Mind and Shadows of the Mind 01:57 | Meet Eric Holloway Read More ›