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Bingecast: Jay Richards on The Human Advantage


Will machines take over human jobs? Jay Richards discusses artificial intelligence, virtue, job displacement, and collaboration using technology with Larry L. Linenschmidt.

This interview is about Jay’s book, The Human Advantage: The Future of American Work in an Age of Smart Machines. This interview was originally aired by the Hill Country Institute and is included here in its entirety. This rebroadcast is offered with the permission of Larry L. Linenschmidt and the Hill Country Institute.

Other Larry L. Linenschmidt podcasts from the Hill Country Institute are available at HillCountryInstitute.org. We appreciate the permission of the Hill Country Institute to rebroadcast this podcast on Mind Matters.

Show Notes

  • 02:24 | Introducing Jay Richards, Research Assistant Professor in the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America
  • 08:41 | Technological improvements and the creation of jobs
  • 09:18 | Will artificial intelligence and robotics make humans obsolete?
  • 09:48| Examples from history of jobs that became obsolete
  • 12:03 | Virtue and the world of business
  • 13:02 | What makes people and machines different?
  • 13:24 | Five features of the information economy
  • 14:55 | Brad Morgan, founder of DairyDoo
  • 17:17 | The “Capitalism is greed” myth
  • 19:40 | Danielle Tate, founder of MissNowMrs
  • 23:21 | Virtues in business and job creation
  • 24:00 | Anti-fragility vs. adaptability
  • 26:30 | Growing and improving after failure
  • 28:51 | Collaborating and connecting with technology
  • 30:49 | Uber/Lyft technologies
  • 32:30 | Artificial Intelligence, robots, and the loss of jobs
  • 33:30 | Weak vs. strong artificial intelligence
  • 34:01 | Which types of jobs will machines disrupt?
  • 36:50 | Peter Thiel’s Zero to One
  • 39:17 | Will technology replace us?
  • 40:50 | Prepare, don’t panic

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Bingecast: Jay Richards on The Human Advantage