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Enrique Blair on the Future of Quantum Computing

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Google has claimed quantum supremacy. What does that mean? What is the future of quantum computing? Robert J. Marks discusses quantum communication, supremacy, and computing with Dr. Enrique Blair.

Show Notes

  • 00:49 | Introducing Dr. Enrique Blair, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Baylor University
  • 01:14 | Problems with quantum computing
  • 01:54 | What is quantum supremacy?
  • 03:06 | Characterizing a random quantum circuit
  • 04:39 | Probability density function of a random quantum circuit
  • 06:34 | How is Google’s experiment different from other random number generators?
  • 07:11 | IBM on Google’s experiment
  • 08:02 | The future of quantum computing
  • 08:47 | A new method of encryption: quantum communication
  • 12:47 | The future of quantum communication
  • 14:21 | Adiabatic quantum computing

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Enrique Blair on the Future of Quantum Computing