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Time concept. Hi-res digitally generated image.
Time concept. Hi-res digitally generated image.

Sci-Fi Saturday Film: “Speed of Time” from DUST

A computer nerd writing a pizza delivery program discovers that his work is way more important than he, or anyone, thought

From the free DUST sci-fi channel at YouTube:

“Speed of Time,” 12:19 min by Russ Nickel and William J. Stribling, September 17, 2020: “Johnny Killfire (John Hennigan) must go back in time and team up with his former self (Sean Marquette) to stop the TimeBorgs from getting their hands on an app that breaks the space-time continuum by delivering pizzas into the past…before they were even ordered.”

It sounds like an agreeable quarter hour. Imagine what happens when an accomplished ground warrior busts in from another time on a quiet family at the breakfast table…

Unfortunately, things go downhill from there, unless the film is intended as a satire on a certain type of science fiction.

Pizza delivery rips a hole in spacetime?

Your reviewer hung in there anyway. Your reviewer has, after all, heard crazy stuff from astrophysics profs. Some interesting concepts emerged, amid the shoot-em-ups and dangerous driving:

Younger self Killfire, a nerd: “There is no hacker alive who can find my computer!”

Older self ground warrior Killfire: “There is no hacker alive … yet.”

That’s an interesting thought… What if we could go into the future and find people who could help us today who don’t yet exist?

Unfortunately, the rest of the film could have used some rigorous reimagining of why given scenes are supposed to be happening.

Sci- fi depends heavily on the logic of alternative situations. But logic can start to break down if it is overburdened by improbabilities. It’s probably best to limit the alternative scenarios to one or two.

Note: Violence warning.

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Sci-Fi Saturday Film: “Speed of Time” from DUST